About Our Firm

At the Law Office of Stacey L. Meinen, representing and defending others is our top priority. We have helped hundreds of Missourians to fight for their rights and recover fair compensation when they have been injured due to the negligent behavior of others. We work to provide relief to consumers with serious debt problems, and we help people fight for their rights against traffic tickets. We are staunch defenders of consumer rights; it is our main mission and the reason people come to us for legal advice and representation.

Law Office of Stacey L. Meinen

The Law Office of Stacey L. Meinen opened in 2007. Since that first day, Attorney Stacey L. Meinen has devoted her career to helping others find justice. She zealously represents people across Missouri who have been injured by negligent or intentional acts of others, consumers who are being sued or harassed by Debt Collectors, and drivers who have received traffic citations.

Attorney Stacey L. Meinen

A graduate of Saint Louis University School of Law, Attorney Stacey L. Meinen received her J.D.-Juris Doctor Law Degree in 2004. She also was licensed to practice law in Missouri that same year, and she belongs to the Missouri State Bar Association.

Stacey enjoys helping others fight for their rights. She understands the financial stress, pain and suffering that are needlessly caused when someone is injured or killed by the negligent behavior of another person or company. She is a tireless advocate for her clients as she stands up for their rights in settlement meetings or in courtrooms.

St. Louis Debt Defense, Personal Injury & Traffic Law Attorney

As a St. Louis Debt Defense, Personal Injury & Traffic Law Attorney, Stacey L. Meinen works with people from all backgrounds who need legal services. She is a determined and dedicated professional who is eager to investigate all aspects of a case on behalf of her clients. She brings in expert witnesses and others to support the evidence and works closely with her clients to develop a winning strategy for their case.

Many cases are settled prior to going to court. This is beneficial to both sides, but especially our clients. It saves time and expense, and settlement allows people to again move forward sooner. If your case does move into a courtroom, you benefit from having an experienced lawyer who will work diligently to win your case with maximum results.

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